Monday, October 25, 2010

Afternoon Walk

Location :: UNISEL Bestari Jaya
Date :: 16 October 2010
Weather :: Hot!!!
Talent :: Wan, Yana, Epul, Nysa

[ wan & yana ]

[ epul & nysa ]

[ wan & yana ]

Sunday, August 8, 2010

i-City :: Shah Alam

Location :: Shah Alam

Nikon D90 :: 1/2s @ F/9 :: ISO 200
Nikon D90 :: 1s @ F/8 :: ISO200
Nikon D90 :: 1/2s @ F/9 :: ISO200

  i-City located in Shah Alam, Selangor is known as the city of digital lights. It is recognised at the first lightscape tourism destination in Malaysia with state-of- the-art LED technology showcase.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taman Tamadun Islam, Kuala Terengganu

Replica of Kul Sharif Mosque, Kazan, Russia.

Replica of Suleyman Mosque, Turkey.

Taman Tamadun Islam ::
  • Located at Pulau Wan Man, Kuala Terengganu.
  • Takes about 3year of construction and cost around RM 249.3 million.
  • Officially open to public on 3rd February 2008.
  • Featuring 21 great Islamic Monument from all around the world. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Night Landscape

A little tips for night landscape, by step ::

  1. Set the ISO to the highest, attach your longest focal length lens on your camera then take the metering (use spot metering for more accuracy) where the light source is. By using high ISO setting, the sensor will be more sensitive to light therefore giving more accurate reading.
  2. Use a small aperture for deep depth of field ( f/16, f/22) , and adjust the shutter speed until the meter shows perfect exposure.
  3. Then change back to the lowest ISO available, ISO 100/200, and change the shutter speed equivalent to the number of stop that you have drop from the ISO. The idea is to get the same exposure as we did with the highest ISO.
  4. Change your focal length/lens to the one that you prefer for the landscape shoot (usually the wide angle lens), mount the camera on the tripod, set to self-timer or remote, and take the picture.
p/s :: this is the step I take for night shot, it's not 100% accurate but you'll get close to what you want. Feel free to comment if there's any flaw.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rear Curtain Flash

By default, your camera is set to front curtain, which means your flash fires at the beginning of the exposure, when the shutter opens.

The rear curtain flash setting let your flash to fire at the end of your exposure, just before the shutter closes. Well, you won’t see a difference at high shutter speeds but you will at slow shutter speeds. Remember what a flash does, it lights up your subject and “freezes” it in time. So if your flash g
oes off at the beginning of the exposure, you’ll freeze your subject and then the movement for the rest of the exposure will blur right over your “freeze” and it won’t look natural or sharp. If your flash goes off at the end of the exposure, the blur comes first and then you freeze your subject right at the end making it sharp with all the blur “in background” of your frozen subject.

The example of the rear curtain flash, with 1/1.6s handheld :

Friday, July 2, 2010

NIKON CENTRE :: berjaya times square,kuala lumpur

"The biggest one-stop venue for Nikon camera enthusiasts and photographers"

Nikon Centre - located at Level 1, East Wing of the Berjaya Times Square Mall. It is the biggest one-stop venue for Nikon camera enthusiasts and photographers of all levels to experience, practise, learn, find inspiration or share the tools of photography and witness the works of local and international image takers and makers.

The main functions of Nikon Centre KL ::

"Service/Repair Centre" and "Showroom for full range of Lenses, speed lights and other accessories"

"Display of Nikon Legendary Models"

"Showroom for full range of DSLR, COOLPIX"

"Photo Gallery"

"display of mini models at the center of the room"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

UNISEL :: bestari jaya

"nikon D90, 1/500s @ F/22, ISO 200"

"nikon D90, 1/200s @ F/22, ISO 200"

"HDR - 3exposure"

A little fact about UNISEL ::
  • Established on 23 August 1999
  • The main campus UNISEL is currently being built on a 1,000 acre site at Bestari Jaya in Kuala Selangor.
  • The university is part of a 4,000 acres piece of land which has been earmarked as the “Selangor Educational Park”.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bukit Ampang

Spent a whole evening at bukit Ampang with fellow photog, from 4.00pm till 8.30pm.

The haze around KL city make it difficult to get a clearer picture, but we still manage to get a few picture ::

"nikon D90, 1/30s @ F/10, ISO 200"

"nikon D90, 13s @ F/10, ISO 200"

A little fact about Ampang ::
  • Ampang name comes from the construction of a dam that was built from Bukit Belacan to Ampang city area (currently known as the Ampang Point) by Chinese miners.
  • Ampang history related to the history of Kuala Lumpur as developed by the same person that Yap Ah Loy (Chinese tin mine operators). Indigenous Malay people in the Ampang area are descendants of the Bugis from Indonesia.
  • Mukim Ampang is the smallest district in the district. Area is 3.859 hectares. There are 12 villages in Mukim Ampang.
  • When the incident happened on May 13, 1969, Ampang is not involved in any dispute, a fight or bloodshed due to strict controls set by the government at that time and intelligence community leaders take care of the Malays and Chinese sentiment.

"Day" by helltuRt

Experimenting on combining time lapse video with a miniature effect.

In memories : "Penjara Pudu"

Picture taken on June 21st 2010 (demolition Day)

A little fact about this prison ::
  • Pudu Jail was built in 1895 by the British Colonial Administration for RM138, 000 with materials brought in from India and Britain.
  • First Governor is Lt-Col J.A.B Ellen.
  • It was called Pudoh Gaol at one point.
  • Originally contained 240 cells on the three floors to hold 900 convicts.
  • Held 6, 550 convicts in 1985, the most numbers in its lifespan. Convict sleeps in shift during this time.
  • Pudu Jail's unique X-shaped main building hid behind a 384 m wall that prominently featured a mural, on display along Jalan Pudu. Click HERE to see an aerial view of the prison.
  • Former inmate Khong Yen Chong drew the world's longest mural on its outer walls (384 m long and 4.5 m high) - an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • It was closed on Nov 1, 1996. 1, 585 of the last inmates moved to Sungai Buloh prison. Briefly reopened as a tourist attraction in 1997. Closed again and reopened later to housed drug addicts and HINDRAF supporters.
  • Pudu Prison once housed the Top 5 Most Infamous Inmates : 1) Mona Fandey (Head chopper - hang on 2 November 2001) 2) Botak Chin a.k.a Wong Swee Chin (Underworld Taiko - hung to death on 11 June 1981) 3) Barlow & Chambers (Aussie drug traffickers - hung at the gallows on 7 July 1986) 4) Jimmy Chua a.k.a Chua Chap Seng (Police murderer and hostage taker - hung on 10 October 1989) 5) HINDRAF (The 8 Supporters - incarcerated and released)