Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bukit Ampang

Spent a whole evening at bukit Ampang with fellow photog, from 4.00pm till 8.30pm.

The haze around KL city make it difficult to get a clearer picture, but we still manage to get a few picture ::

"nikon D90, 1/30s @ F/10, ISO 200"

"nikon D90, 13s @ F/10, ISO 200"

A little fact about Ampang ::
  • Ampang name comes from the construction of a dam that was built from Bukit Belacan to Ampang city area (currently known as the Ampang Point) by Chinese miners.
  • Ampang history related to the history of Kuala Lumpur as developed by the same person that Yap Ah Loy (Chinese tin mine operators). Indigenous Malay people in the Ampang area are descendants of the Bugis from Indonesia.
  • Mukim Ampang is the smallest district in the district. Area is 3.859 hectares. There are 12 villages in Mukim Ampang.
  • When the incident happened on May 13, 1969, Ampang is not involved in any dispute, a fight or bloodshed due to strict controls set by the government at that time and intelligence community leaders take care of the Malays and Chinese sentiment.

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