Saturday, June 26, 2010

UNISEL :: bestari jaya

"nikon D90, 1/500s @ F/22, ISO 200"

"nikon D90, 1/200s @ F/22, ISO 200"

"HDR - 3exposure"

A little fact about UNISEL ::
  • Established on 23 August 1999
  • The main campus UNISEL is currently being built on a 1,000 acre site at Bestari Jaya in Kuala Selangor.
  • The university is part of a 4,000 acres piece of land which has been earmarked as the “Selangor Educational Park”.

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  1. encik faiz.. why not u etak chat box kat blog u.. dan ag satu.. sila ambik gmbr sy.. dan penuhkan di ruang bllog ini..ahahhaa
    (giler gedik minah nie)