Thursday, June 24, 2010

In memories : "Penjara Pudu"

Picture taken on June 21st 2010 (demolition Day)

A little fact about this prison ::
  • Pudu Jail was built in 1895 by the British Colonial Administration for RM138, 000 with materials brought in from India and Britain.
  • First Governor is Lt-Col J.A.B Ellen.
  • It was called Pudoh Gaol at one point.
  • Originally contained 240 cells on the three floors to hold 900 convicts.
  • Held 6, 550 convicts in 1985, the most numbers in its lifespan. Convict sleeps in shift during this time.
  • Pudu Jail's unique X-shaped main building hid behind a 384 m wall that prominently featured a mural, on display along Jalan Pudu. Click HERE to see an aerial view of the prison.
  • Former inmate Khong Yen Chong drew the world's longest mural on its outer walls (384 m long and 4.5 m high) - an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • It was closed on Nov 1, 1996. 1, 585 of the last inmates moved to Sungai Buloh prison. Briefly reopened as a tourist attraction in 1997. Closed again and reopened later to housed drug addicts and HINDRAF supporters.
  • Pudu Prison once housed the Top 5 Most Infamous Inmates : 1) Mona Fandey (Head chopper - hang on 2 November 2001) 2) Botak Chin a.k.a Wong Swee Chin (Underworld Taiko - hung to death on 11 June 1981) 3) Barlow & Chambers (Aussie drug traffickers - hung at the gallows on 7 July 1986) 4) Jimmy Chua a.k.a Chua Chap Seng (Police murderer and hostage taker - hung on 10 October 1989) 5) HINDRAF (The 8 Supporters - incarcerated and released)
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